IXX1410 Project Ideas – 2018

Disclaimer: Task specification will be set after selecting it. This means that the suggested frameworks / tools can be completely different. Some subtasks / specs can be left out and new ones can be added.
  1. Crypto miner information aggregator A tool which makes it easier to get an overview about your mining rig earnings and portfolio value. Suggested toolset
    • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, node, (optional) database e.g. MongoDB
    • Aggregate information about mining pool and status from differnet pools
    • Add / Edit / Remove configuration, which and how statistics are shown anf for which wallets
    • Show current prices for selected cryptocurrencies
    • Show total portfolio value
    • Show statistics about earnings / portfolio values / ...
  2. Crypto miner configurator A tool which makes it easier to switch between currencies to mine, pools to mine from, tresholds for safe exit, etc. Suggested toolset
    • Python, JavaScript, HTML
    • Overview about current mining status
    • Configuration page which allows you to
      • Change the currency which you will be mining
      • Change the pool where you will be mining from
      • Change resources allocated for those miner instances
      • Safe Shutdown temperature
    • Apply new configuration
    • Back end logic to run all of this
  3. Smart mirror Smart mirror - a mirror which displays relevant information and is able to interact with the user on a basic level. Suggested toolset
    • Monitor, Raspberry Pi, Python, HTML, JavaScript
    • User interface which displays data
      • Bus times
      • Weather
      • News
    • Fetches / Updates data
    • Physical enclosure for the smart mirror
  4. Fancy table A table which is just an eye catcher in your room. It looks good has different ligting modes to set the perfect mood. Suggested toolset
    • Arduino, C, LED Strip, Power Supply, Table, Two way mirror, Plexyglass
    • Build a table with a 'mirror'/'window'
    • Install LED strip
    • Program different Lighting modes
      • flashing lights
      • rainbow
      • ...
  5. Budget sharing Application which will enable users to enter their costs, who paid for it and later after the event is over, split the costs. Suggested toolset
    • React Native, JavaScript, HTML
    • Create visually pleasing user interface
    • Page to enter the event members
    • Page to enter costs and who participated in paying
    • Page to calculate who owns who how much money.
  6. Chess board A physical chess board which adds more cool features to a typical non interactive Chess board. Board shows if moves are valid, enables you to play with AI etc. Suggested toolset
    • C, Arduino / Raspberry Pi, LEDs etc.
    • Create a chess board which will have the grid with LEDs
    • Program Chess logic in terms of which piece can move to where
    • Detect which piece is on which location
    • Start the game and check for valid moves
      • In case of a valid move the latest move is highlighted with green LEDs
      • In case of invalid move latest move is lit with red LEDs
    • Play against Computer
      • Computer will show which move it made (you have to phyiscally move the pieces)
  7. Time tracker Assign team members, and track time for different projects. Tool to help figure out who contributed how much time with the tasks. Suggested toolset
    • JavaScript, HTML, Electron / Node, Mongodb / Google Sheets
    • Interface where one can add
      • Teammembers
      • Tasks
      • Involvement
      • Time / task
    • Overview / summary page
    • Storing data in database / google Sheets
    • (optional) Authentication with google
  8. Battleships Battleships, classic game. Multiplayer version of this should be implemented. Suggested toolset
    • websockets, JavaScript, HTML
    • Create a Battleships game
    • Allow multiplayer
    • Game session by creating websocket connection instead of polling
    • Highscores
    • Games list
    • Create new game
  9. Budgeting software A tool to manage your funds. Can be implemented many ways - web app / mobile app / desktop app. Suggested toolset
    • JavaScript, HTML, Node / Flask / Python / ...
    • Store data about spendings
    • Different spending articles (categorization)
    • Overview tab about income / outcome
    • Create a Budget
  10. Chatroom Create a chatroom where people can join and have a chat. May be similar to slack / IRC Suggested toolset
    • JavaScript, HTML, MongoDB
    • Create UI for the app
    • Registrate user / anonymous entry with temporary name
    • Store messages
    • Chat in channels / private
  11. Treasurebox A treasure box where you can store your precious holdings, possible to open with a RFID card. Suggested toolset
    • Raspberry Pi / Arduino, C / Python, RFID card and reader
    • Open and lock the box
    • CRUD authorized cards
    • Store log about when the box was opened and by whom
  12. Special Keyboard USB dongle keyboard which includes volume rocker knob, mute / play,pause buttons. Suggested toolset
    • C, Microcontroller / Development board (TI, STM), rotary encoder, pushbuttons
    • Software for MCU
    • Drivers to your picked operating system
    • Functionality to actually modify the volume and press play / pause
  13. Programming task in C Generate a programming II task and create a automated testing software for it. Suggested toolset
    • Freely chosen
    • Task must contain strings / memory mangement
    • Once the tester is run, it will be able to give points for the task
  14. D&D character generator Generate a character in Dungeons and Dragons. Suggested toolset
    • JavaScript, Node / Electron app, MongoDB / Postgres / MySQL
    • Add data about characters and different items
    • Generate a character based on this data
    • Generate a charactersheet based on character (Consice printable document)
  15. Smartwatch Smartwatch that is able to show time, message, notifications and caller ID. Suggested toolset
    • Arduino Pro Mini, OLED/LCD display, Bluetooth module (HC-06 or something similar), buttons, lithium ion battery, USB to UART for programming
    • Show time
    • Show messenger notifications, slack messages
    • Show caller ID
  16. Guitar Tuner Portable tuner that is able to tune electric or acoustic guitar/bass Suggested toolset
    • Free of choice
    • Ability to tune guitar or bass
    • User feedback via LED or Display
    • Make it as small as possible
    • Powered by batteries or outlet
    • Tuning via microphone or 6.35 jack

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