Lab 7 fall 2018

slides here

test 1 information:

Total 15p
Duration: approx. 2 hours
There’s a minor topic during that class
Only allowed to use class computers (linux). No phones, laptops, …
Materials are allowed, communication (verbal, IM, slack, etc.) is not
If you choose to do it digitally, submit to Moodle
If network, software, … fails – fall back to paper
Recommendation: bring a pencil and an eraser
Grading and retesting is handled by Vladimir Viies


Main topic: UML
-Data types (integers, floating point, characters)
-Conditional statements
-Loops (types of loops, nested loops)
-Numeral systems (identification, conversion)
-Arrays up to 2D (declaration, manipulation, indexing, properties)
Types of tasks:
-Create an algorithm in UML to solve a task based on the specification
-Convert UML to C code and vice versa
-Verify an existing algorithm (does the specification match the algorithm)
-Identify, explain and fix common mistakes in UML
-Check algorithm slides for examples of possible tasks